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HR COD2 Server

New Discord Coms Server

HR COD WaW Server

HRGAMERS TeamSpeak Viewer


Shutting Down Team Speak Moving to Discordapp.com


Everyone I have created a New Communication server on Discord. Please download the Windows based app @ www.Discordapp.com I believe this is a better choice then Teamspeak as it is a central place for all of us to game on, it is no cost, No IP addresses to deal with. Here are some of the positives of this new com program:
1) Discord is built in 2015 and it shows. Beautiful UI. Rich text chat (post videos, gifs, files, whatever you want directly in your text chat). Great sound quality (built on Opus and WebRTC with modern jitter buffers, automatic gain control, noise suppression, echo cancellation, and more).

2) It is simple to set-up and use. Since it is able to run in the browser you don't need to download or register for anything to try it out. This is especially valuable when inviting people to your voice channel that don't already have Discord.

3) Security - not only does Discord have server to client encryption and protects your IP, it also has automatic failover. If there is a server failure of any kind (like a hurricane takes out the data center your server is hosted on for example) Discord will automatically switch you to a new server with little to no downtime and no loss of data.

I've created a non expiring link to invite our friends:

Once you have the program installed you click the link and you are in! Also this will run from a browser...

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