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wake up you guys and GET IN THE JEEP
Last post by MarcusTaz in General Discussion on 03/15/2018 08:38 am
High Rollerz
Last post by T1nmaN in General Discussion on 02/13/2018 02:23 pm
Hey Guys
Last post by chasewolf in General Discussion on 12/29/2017 09:47 am
WWII Anyone?
Last post by MarcusTaz in Call of Duty on 11/27/2017 11:25 am
Last post by MajorDirtBag in General Discussion on 07/01/2017 09:02 am
COD returning to WWII
Last post by MarcusTaz in Call of Duty on 04/26/2017 04:19 pm
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MarcusTaz: I do from time to time but Discord has made it very easy to stay in direct contact with folks... I do miss reading posts from Members...
03-15-2018 8:36:am
sgt_pete: hmm not sure if anyone still does
03-13-2018 11:37:pm
MarcusTaz: Yo does anyone still come here
02-21-2018 9:24:am
MarcusTaz: Yup cancelled CODWII
10-03-2017 10:59:am
MarcusTaz: If it sucks as you say and we can cancel the pre Order that would rock!
05-05-2017 8:26:am
Wink: looks interesting Taz, if the Beta sucks we can cancel the pre-order
04-28-2017 7:24:pm
MarcusTaz: I just Pre-Ordered COD WWII Digital Deluxe!!!
04-26-2017 4:17:pm
MarcusTaz: Awesome T1nman, thanks for sharing!
04-21-2017 7:28:pm
04-21-2017 2:25:pm
T1nmaN: [URL]
04-21-2017 2:25:pm
sgt_pete: cod is returning to WWII
03-26-2017 11:20:am
MarcusTaz: WE ARE SHUTTING DOWN TEAMSPEAK SERVER: Please read News section on front page for further details on how to download and connect!
01-12-2017 10:46:am
MarcusTaz: Got it T1nman request sent, lets frag soon and join our Discord Server. Excellent coms and social media app
01-12-2017 8:19:am
T1nmaN: T1nmaN4tW (I think. I'll check when I get home, but pretty sure)
01-11-2017 12:54:pm
MarcusTaz: T1nman what is your name so I can friend you in Origin
01-10-2017 3:20:pm
MarcusTaz: Please See the forum post on [URL] we are going to move our communication server to it and shut down teamspeak!
01-10-2017 3:18:pm
Wink: Hell yeah T1N
01-07-2017 6:04:pm
T1nmaN: BF1 is Awesome!
01-07-2017 12:30:am
ikemeister: Mugzzzy and i both have BF1 when we gonna play?
12-31-2016 6:30:pm
MarcusTaz: 2GB update to BF1! Hopefully this fixes the MANY BUGS!
11-15-2016 9:05:am
MarcusTaz: Had to change router again on TS server. New IP but name server always will point to TS3*hrgamers*com replace the * with a .
10-21-2016 8:53:pm
Nobby: Thanks for the TS info...when did it cahnge?
10-17-2016 8:47:pm
MarcusTaz: Whats up brother!
10-17-2016 4:16:pm
OEWTURBO: hey guys!!!
10-15-2016 1:14:pm
MarcusTaz: Because our TS server IP is NOT static please use the URL TS3-hrgamers-com [URL] when connecting and sharing with other gamers. Thanks and sorry for inconvenience. Also if you ever need to contact me please email me through the forums!!!
10-13-2016 1:30:pm
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