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Discord invite
Last post by BlazrOne in General Discussion on 03/30/2018 04:50 pm
wake up you guys and GET IN THE JEEP
Last post by MarcusTaz in General Discussion on 03/15/2018 08:38 am
High Rollerz
Last post by T1nmaN in General Discussion on 02/13/2018 02:23 pm
Hey Guys
Last post by chasewolf in General Discussion on 12/29/2017 09:47 am
WWII Anyone?
Last post by MarcusTaz in Call of Duty on 11/27/2017 11:25 am
Last post by MajorDirtBag in General Discussion on 07/01/2017 09:02 am
COD returning to WWII
Last post by MarcusTaz in Call of Duty on 04/26/2017 04:19 pm
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MarcusTaz: Friday night bros!
11-19-2015 3:27:pm
Wink: I'm back from World's
11-18-2015 1:52:pm
MarcusTaz: Yo Cheech!!!
11-16-2015 10:31:am
cheech: what's up everyone?
11-15-2015 7:15:pm
3dhelr3: He Tinman! Nice to see you here
11-15-2015 12:27:pm
MarcusTaz: Sorry about last night gents and the Redirect. Problem corrected. Please read posts in COD2 section.
11-15-2015 10:11:am
T1nmaN: my url below was for a steam digital key
11-15-2015 2:24:am
T1nmaN: [URL]
11-15-2015 1:20:am
Lurch: I see a bunch of used copies of COD2 on Ebay and Amazon copies for around 10 bucks
11-14-2015 10:42:pm
Stookie: anyone know where i an get an old copy of cod 2 .. it looks like the ex kept mine when i got booted out
11-14-2015 8:45:pm
Lurch: Its been like since like 2007 since Ive been on your servers....perhaps Ill show up with my semi-auto and annoy Taz again
11-14-2015 7:34:pm
Lurch: hmm....I thought I had a flashback when I got an Email about COD2 from HRgamers
11-14-2015 7:32:pm
Stookie: stookie ... aka. Barber btw
11-14-2015 4:01:pm
Stookie: hey guys is going to a few weeks going to camp up north hunting
11-14-2015 4:00:pm
3dhelr3: Another game of COD2 tonight?
11-14-2015 2:34:pm
3dhelr3: See you tonight guys! I will be joning Cod2 Its been a while!
11-13-2015 5:07:pm
Stookie: take it easy on me though.I'm older and slower
11-13-2015 3:12:pm
Stookie: this sounds awesome i can't wait I'll look for the disk and install today.can't wait to hear from everyone. it's been way too long
11-13-2015 3:11:pm
MarcusTaz: LINGUS!!!!
11-09-2015 4:38:pm
-PyRoLiTe-: Shout, let it all out
11-08-2015 5:51:am
MrLingus: sometimes my pants take me on wonderfully adventures !
11-07-2015 12:36:pm
MajorDirtBag: just like old times brother lmao
11-06-2015 12:50:pm
MarcusTaz: Bring it Dirtbag!!! Lol I'm gonna pwn you!!!
11-06-2015 11:30:am
MajorDirtBag: COD 2 friday night bitches!!! Taz your mine bro !!! lol
11-06-2015 12:46:am
MajorDirtBag: MDB in da house!!!!!!
11-06-2015 12:43:am
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